November 8, 2007

A PS to my last post

I will never learn. That boy somehow manages to push me into letting him have his way. Maybe after you read this you'll know how to pray for me. Maybe THEN I'll learn.
Here's what happened:
Several weeks ago we let Alec spend a hefty amount of his own hard earned money on a lego set.
We gave him one condition. He could only open it on the first rainy, cold, yucky day we had. (Saving something good for a rainy day.) Well, it's been chilly, but we haven't had any rainy, cold, yucky days. I check the forecast every morning and it never changes.
In the meantime, we've had out-of-town company twice since he bought the lego set. That means school gets put on the back burner so we can clean the house before the company arrives, and spend time visiting once they're here. So, Alec has fallen behind in some subjects.
Last Monday I finally changed the deal. I told Alec that since the weather hasn't cooperated he could open his set when he was totally caught up with ALL his school work.
That boy has worked so hard all week, doubling and tripling up on school to get caught up. He's also worked hard at dropping hints about the weather, hints about his lego set collecting dust, hints about maybe being able to open it when he's 34, etc. etc. All that babbling gets to me after a while. I start to feel guilty about making deals about something that, even though Alec agreed to, he did buy the legos with his own money. I feel guilty about making him wait. Would I want to wait to open some new scrapbook stuff? It's like the constant drone of a bug. You want to squish the annoying thing into silence.
By now I'm sure you can guess where I'm going with this. I caved. About a half hour after I published my last post. He did get caught up with all but 1 subject. He's even managed to get ahead in 3 subjects. However, he's still behind in one subject. It's a subject he needs me to sit in on with him. I was tired of all the extra time getting caught up took us. I was tired of his babbling and hinting and pushing.
Now he's in the livingroom, victoriously playing with a new lego set.
So, what have I taught him now? Why was it so easy to be firm and consistent with his big brothers? Is he learning to only obey God marginally because of me?
Don't learn the hard way like I do-
Be consistent.

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  1. You know, maybe it was a chance for him to learn what grace is like. God didn't wait until we were done with our homework to give us an awesome gift--maybe it's an object lesson in "while we were still sinners, Christ died for us"...


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