November 20, 2007

A PS to The Strong Willed Boy-Part 3

I don't know if anyone's interested, or even cares, but I did want to explain something about the posts I did on our strong willed son.
I let him read the posts. It wasn't a "gripe behind your kid's back" kind of thing. After he read them we sat down and had a great conversation. I told him about 2 times in my life where I blew it (but good!) in my relationship with the Lord. I'm going to write about them sometime soon so I won't go into all that right now. But I wanted him to know he's not the only strong willed person in the family. He comes by it honestly. :-) We talked about my sin and the consequences and the heartache I've been through because I simply don't trust and obey. I argue with the Lord. I have temper tantrums. I try and negotiate. I told Alec that the Lord loves us and has our best in mind when He asks us to do something or disciplines us or even allows trials to come our way. I told him that it seems to me if he treats his parents like that, (arguing, temper tantrums, etc.) that he will treat the Lord like that as well.
He agreed to pray and ask the Lord to help him with trust, obedience, etc.
He's light years ahead of his stubborn, know-it-all mom.

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