April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet 16!

If I thought your big brother came into the world in a hurry, you really did! A 6 hour labor from start to finish!

I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by and now you are almost an adult. When I look at your baby pictures however, it all comes back to me-colic, projectile vomiting all over everyone, wherever we were, (even the people who sat behind us in church!) and your little herniated belly button. I remember the doctor coming out of the operating room after he'd repaired that hernia. You were only 3, but my goodness, what a busy little boy you were! The doctor said, "Everything is fine. Just keep him still for 3 or 4 days or the stitches may tear and we'll have to re-do the surgery."

I didn't say anything, but his words sent my mind reeling. Do you have any idea how much this boy moves? He never sits still! He twirls, spins and somersaults to get from point A to point B. I'm not even sure he knows how to walk! He spends more time on his head than his feet!

And sure enough, just a couple hours after we got home from the hospital, there you were, recovered from the anesthesia, doing headstands on the couch because I wouldn't let you get off of it!

We somehow made it through that week and much to my surprise, the hernia stayed repaired.

After that I "simply" had to learn how to teach such an active little person. I can remember reading out-loud to you as you somersaulted in circles around me, thinking, there is no way this kid is listening. He doesn't have a clue what I'm reading! Then later, when I asked you questions about what I'd read you knew exactly what had been said. I was shocked. I was also shocked by the way you learned the multiplication tables. You'd climb up on our mini-tramp and bounce away to your heart's content; as you bounced I'd hold up flash cards with multiplication problems on them. Sure enough, you got it. You were the boy who broke the mold of "they must be sitting at a desk to learn anything" in our little school...

The Lord has blessed you with so many gifts Alec. You can draw warm, lovely pictures, play the flute beautifully, you're extremely creative, and very practical.

I am also amazed at how optimistic you are-even when you're sick or sad you somehow manage to find something to laugh about. Your willingness to drop whatever you're doing to help me when needed is a real blessing. There are times when I don't know what on earth I'd do without you. I think you are a good example to me as far as that goes-I tend to be annoyed by interruptions and want everyone to just leave me alone when I'm working on something. You, on the other hand, simply say, "OK" and do what needs to be done.

You haven't always been like that. One of the other gifts the Lord has given you is your tenacious, strong will. (Go look "tenacious" up in the dictionary-there will be a quiz on it later.)

When you were little you often shocked your dad and I with that Will. We were so surprised when time after time, when we'd ask you to do something, you'd look us right in the eye and say, "No." And your temper! Oh what a temper you had! I can tell you now that there were times over the years when I thought, there is no way this kid is going to make it. He's going to end up in a correctional facility for boys somewhere. I felt totally clueless when it came to your strong will and temper.

The Lord has shown us over and over again in our lives that HE is faithful to take care of things if we surrender them to Him. So, that's what we ended up doing with your little self. We prayed for wisdom. We prayed for strength. We prayed that you would love Him. Finally we dumped you in His lap and told Him He would have to change your heart.

And now we see that He has done just that. We've seen your attitude change toward school. You are willing to buckle down and study to learn what needs to be learned. Alec, you are becoming such a wonderful, funny, sweet, helpful young man. We can see that you love Jesus and you want a friendship with Him. You encourage me when I'm feeling inadequate or sad or insecure or....and you make me laugh nearly every day. I treasure your hugs and every minute we have together. I know it won't be long and you'll be every bit as busy as your 2 big brothers. I'll have to catch you on the run if I want to see you. You are truly becoming one of my best friends-

I said this to each of your brothers on their birthdays, and I'm going to say it to you as well. I'm not just copying and pasting sweetie-I mean every word!

I absolutely can not imagine life without you and your brothers in it. The Lord has used all 4 of you, as well as your dad, to bring joy, healing, and wholeness to a heart that grew up with a shattered family.

I like you.

I love you.

I need you.

I enjoy watching you grow and mature and learn.

I respect you.

I'd like to say that most of all, I'm incredibly thankful for you and your brothers.

Happy Sweet 16 Alecboo.


  1. Happy Birthday Alec! Your mom forgot one thing- best dadgum Lego builder in the universe! You absolutely amaze me with the skill and patience you have with those little blocks. Wouldn't surprise me if you became an engineer. Nope, not at all. :-)

  2. That was a wonderful tribute! I hope my girls meet and marry young men like that one someday; I'm encouraged to know there are still some around. ;)

  3. Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.
    Mark Twain
    My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.
    Mark Twain

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