March 26, 2012


As the day has progressed I've thought about my previous post and how terrible it must have sounded when I mentioned throwing blobs of jello at my homeopathy guy's window. Add to that the fact that I wanted to include my son in the activity and well...what must you think of me??
I'd like to explain:
in the first place, there is no way to tell you how thankful I am for Fritz. (my homeopathy guy) He is doing a great job "fixing" me, using natural, good for me, concoctions. I am blown away by his wisdom and knowledge and his desire to help.

When I mentioned throwing jello, it was the thought of, "Lovey, let's go have fun and do something totally weird and unexpected and laugh til our stomachs hurts...." My son and I pictured red, orange, green, yellow and purple jello splatting against a window and dribbling down, down, down into the ground and we laughed. Our discussion and our imaginings did the trick and bonded us together after a rough day. We laughed and hugged and all was OK again.
Neither one of us actually want to throw jello at someones window. We just wanted to laugh and imagine what that would be like.

I hope that makes sense, and I hope you won't hold my previous post against me....OK?

I think it's very important (when you have a rough day with a child) to do your very best to at least end the day with forgiveness, and hugs, and love and reassurance that all is well. He needs to know you still treasure him, still love him, and you're mature enough to admit you were wrong. (even if you do want to go out and throw jello at windows...)

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