June 4, 2007

Back to School

My introspective mood is lingering so I've been working on another list. This one is a list of things I either want to, or should, learn. Like my other list, I've tried to come up with 46 things
to post. Here goes:
  • How to make a really good omlet
  • be a better listener
  • study the bible affectively
  • style hair. I cut all the hair in our family but it would be great to actually style it!
  • draw birds, flowers, some insects, vines, etc.
  • be honest and humble in my relationship with Jesus
  • try quilling
  • clean our upholstry
  • what makes each of our sons tick
  • be an encourager
  • press flowers without having them mold or fade in color
  • pray without ceasing
  • share my faith with anyone without fear and with wisdom, knowledge, and in love
  • I want to try playing a Theramin
  • how to get through menopause without any synthetic hormones
  • speak in front of a group of people
  • basic theology
  • computer stuff-I'm not even sure what there is to learn so I can't be more specific
  • see the flow of world history and God's hand in it all
  • make scones as good as the ones you buy at Panera
  • better wife-Mike will know what that means.
  • how to obey God instantly
  • basics in music appreciation
  • how to retain details-I'm a BIG picture person
  • to defend the gospel
  • world geography
  • give our youngest son a love of learning
  • more of what it means to glorify God and enjoy Him forever
  • understand the chronological flow of the bible
  • use my camera without it being on "Automatic Everything"
  • make cards
  • quit comparing myself to others and accept myself the way I am
  • make the ultimate chocolate chip cookies
  • understand my husband and why he thinks the way he does. (Is that possible?!)
  • scrapbook with ease
  • have people over without breaking out in hives!
  • apply make-up
  • apologetics
  • communicate with our sons
  • refute wrong doctrine with wisdom
  • learn more about basic worldviews
  • make a pinecone wreath
  • books of New Testament in order
  • a brief summary of each book in the bible
  • how to be a great mother-in-law (No, no wedding bells yet. Just thinking ahead....)
  • live with Eternity in view


  1. I love this list. I've made so many lists like this in my lifetime, and I just finished a new one! (Hmmm...might be a good blog idea for Simplicity Soup)

  2. I'd say you already have the "Be an encourager" item accomplished!


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