July 23, 2008


I love to blog. I love to read other blogs. The whole blogging world is amazing to me. I've often thought about the loneliness of being a stay-at-home mom and have experienced my fair share of lonely days. Blogging allows us to "meet" other people who feel as we do, think as we think, have the same desires and struggles...It also opens up new worlds for us as we run across people who are our polar opposites. Sometimes I've been disgusted by what I've found out there. More often though, I've just realized how very tiny my thinking and my world is.
I've hardly thought about this blog all summer. I put it "away" with our school books. I want to write and share thoughts and ideas and my faith with others, but have really struggled all summer with the feeling that I'm not very articulate. My heart is full but I just can't seem to get those things onto "paper" as clearly as I'd like to. As I've spent time reading other blogs this summer that feeling has only grown. There are so many people out there who are deeper than I am. Wiser. More precise. They can share their feelings and faith in ways that I can only dream of. No, I don't think I'm having a pity party...I've just been wondering why I'm "here" in space. Should Midsummer Meanderings continue? (Please don't answer that question. I'm just babbling to myself!) There are so many other people who can say what I'd like to say-it seems like they can take the words right out of my mouth, perfect them and then blog them.
Anyway-while I'm pondering the future of this blog, I thought I'd share some links with you. I found all of these this morning. After you read them, I'd love to hear your thoughts on any or all of them!



http://www.yoursacredcalling.blogspot.com/ scroll down to the post called: "Have It Your Way".


July 15, 2008

How Do You Find A Wife?

Last week our 6 year old son made a pot holder for one of his big brothers. When he finished making the pot holder he handed it to me and asked me if I thought Benjamin (his big brother) would like it. The following conversation took place, and yes, everything our little guy said was said in all seriousness:

"Mommy, does Benjamin have a wife yet?"

"No, he lives in a house with a friend of his. I'm sure they'll both love the pot holder and will use it though."

"Well, should I make a pot holder for James?" (That's another big brother)

"Sure. James lives with another family now, but maybe they'll use it or let James use it in their kitchen."

"O.K. Um, Mommy? does James have a wife?"

"No...but he's looking for one."

"Well, how do you find a wife?! Is he walking down the street yelling for one?"

"No....not exactly..."

"Oh! Is he looking in the phone book and calling all the numbers in there?"


"Well, how do you find a wife? Is he going door to door knocking on all of them asking for a wife?!"

"No, I don't think so..."

"Well then, how do you find one?"

He finally paused long enough in his questions for me to answer him. I told him first of all you should pray for the right wife. Then you just live you life. You go where you go and do what you do and then usually there will be a girl who comes along who likes to go to the same places you do or likes to do the same things you do. You become friends and then maybe later she'll become your wife.
He looked at me doubtfully and just wandered away. Maybe he thought one of his ideas would get faster results.

July 10, 2008

L.A. Or The Bahamas?

Imagine you're sitting in your car during rush hour traffic in L.A. (Don't close your eyes to imagine this or you won't be able to read the post...just imagine while you read.)
O.K. Back to your car during rush hour. For some crazy reason your radio is stuck on "On". Not only that, but the station you're stuck listening to is a talk show. The host speaks in a hurried, shrill voice. She's whining, complaining, criticizing and seems full of anger over world events, rising food and gas prices, and her annoying husband and children.
As if all that weren't bad enough, the temperature outside your non-moving vehicle has risen to 93 degrees and the humidity is high. Suddenly your air-conditioner decides to quit. You sit there, stuck. You have no choice but to listen to the shrill commentator as she babbles on and on while sweat trickles down your back. You're stressed because you know you have to stop at the dry cleaners on the way home, then pick up something for dinner, and money is tight. You begin to understand how the talk show host feels. She's right. The world stinks. My kids are hopeless. How on earth are we going to make our ends meet this year? Lord? Where are you? I'm so weary and sick of everything!

Now imagine this. You are alone, sitting on a beach in the Bahamas. The waves are gentle and soothing and the sun is just setting. A cool breeze moves through your hair and caresses your cheek. As you sit there enjoying the silence you have an overwhelming sense of peace and safety. The Lord is near. You know He adores you and promises to be with you through everything you will ever experience. Refreshment reaches deep into your heart and you feel joy seeping into your bones.

Now I want to ask you a question. Are you rush hour in L.A. or a beach in the Bahamas? When people spend time with you, are they glad they did? Or do they tear themselves away from you feeling weary and beat down? Do they feel comforted and has their faith been shored up? Or are they dying to get home so they can crawl into bed and hide from the noise and stresses of life?

Last year I read a book called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. Have you read it? One of the things I got out of the book was the question: What kind of woman are you? Are you "rush hour traffic" or a "beach"? Maybe that wasn't their point, but that's one of the things I took away from it, and I've been asking myself that question ever since. And praying about it. I want so badly to be a "beach". To refresh others. To sooth them. To let them know the Lord is near. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know the Lord had used you to shore someone up? To give them hope and joy? Do I drag others down or point them to the One who can lift them up?
I'm not looking for answers to these questions here. I am praying about them and asking the Lord to continue molding me into the person He wants me to be. I just thought about the book this morning and decided to share some of my thoughts with you.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil. 1:6