November 18, 2008

One Thing

There are things that stir my soul....watching children, even children I don't know, perform in an orchestra, a play, or ballet moves me to tears every single time. Even if it's a "happy" performance.
People weeping cause my heart to bleed.
Once in awhile I've seen my husband put his elbows on the table and bury his face in his hands in complete weariness and hopelessness. That breaks my heart.
When I look at my sons and see stubble on their chins and exhaustion in their eyes I feel indescribable pain.

However, there is one thing that connects my heart to Jesus' heart in a way that nothing else does. Violin music.

When I hear a violin being played I melt inside. Have you seen the movie Anne of Green Gables? The long version that I think was made for PBS? Do you remember the scene where Anne and Myrilla are talking about prayer? Myrilla wants Anne to get down on her knees and say a bedtime prayer and Anne replies sort-of like this: "If I were to really pray, I would go out into a meadow, look up into the sky, and just feel a prayer."

That is what violin music does to my soul. I stop inside and just am. My heart is peeled back before Jesus, nothing hidden. I allow Him to look, dissect, instruct, hug, exhort or encourage me. Whatever He thinks I need. It's all there for Him to see anytime, but violin music causes me to willingly lay down before Him and expose it all. All my need. All my ugliness. All my desires. I literally feel a prayer to Him and weep before Him.

Is there anything that stirs your soul? That moves you to complete abandonment before your maker?

November 13, 2008

Not Again!

Well, I really need to hire an I.T. guy. Or at least a 9 year old to come over anytime I want to work on the computer.
I was trying to set up a new blog just for recipes and once again, I deleted the "About Me" from this one.
Anybody wanna write one for me? :-)

I will try and come up with something soon. This time I will print out what I say so I don't have to try and write it a 4th time!

While I'm here I have a question for any regular readers I may have. I've been thinking about changing the flavor or tone of this blog. I have some ideas I may or may not try. But I was wondering if anyone has any special requests? Anything you'd like to see this blog focus on? What have been your favorite posts? Which posts could you live without?
I have a family to feed so I better get busy-I hope you have a lovely evening!

November 9, 2008

Jesus' Saving Grace

Along with "Salvation" as in "Eternal Life", here's a list of 11 things Jesus has either saved me from, or is the processing of saving me from:
(Just in case you're interested)

1. bitterness

2. not respecting my husband

3. gluttony

4. death by drowning in the Colorado River and death from an ectopic pregnancy

5. idolatry

6. temporary insanity and panic attacks

7. self-pity

8. fear

9. a very strong will that demanded my own way

10. feelings of purposelessness

11. not seeing the importance of being in the Word every single day

Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.
Phil. 1:6

November 3, 2008

The Simple Woman Daybook

Outside My Window it is dark. The sun isn't even thinking about getting up yet.
I am thinking about Being Still. Resting in Him. The Lord keeps whispering those words to me...
I am thankful for so very many things. One of the most special blessings of my week was attending a wedding on Saturday evening. It was the first time in my life I've ever danced "in public". That wasn't the special part though. The special part was being able to dance with our 2 oldest sons. It's a memory I'll treasure until I'm old and senile and can't remember their names anymore.
From the kitchen: I need to make granola and another batch of apple butter today.
I am wearing a pair of flannel pj's, a navy blue hoodie and a pair of slippers.
I am creating...nothing at present. I have several projects half started: a quilt for my youngest son, an advent calendar, and 3 scrapbooks. I really need to get busy!
I am going to stay home today and try and scratch off a few things on my to-do list. The problem with that list is that the very second I scratch one thing off, two more things magically appear down at the bottom of it.
I am reading Colossians and A Resilient Life
I am hoping our youngest son is still sick. Don't take that wrong. His piano teacher is supposed to come for a lesson today and he hasn't practiced all week. I didn't know I'd be learning piano with him when we took this on, but I am. I have to sit with him through every lesson and then make sure he practices every day. I was lazy last week and didn't do it and now she's coming. Agh! However, if he's sick, I'll have 7 extra days to help him practice before his next lesson....
I am hearing water splashing around in our aquarium, the hum of the computer, and the keys clicking on the keyboard.
Around the house...there are closets that need organizing, furniture that needs dusting, lesson plans that need to be worked on, etc.
One of my favorite things is getting up while it's still dark outside and the house is quiet. It's the only time I get to be alone and think uninterrupted thoughts. I do wish someone would refill that aquarium though. The splashing water is distracting...
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Other than the obvious things like cleaning, laundry, cooking, teaching school, ironing, planning a menu, and cleaning out the freezer, I want to help Barrett redo the bulletin board in our kitchen with a "Thanksgiving" theme. I also want to bake something "appley". We have a lot of apples that need to be used before they rot.

Last week I took a day off and went hiking with our 2 younger sons. Just the 3 of us. It was a wonderful day! The weather was perfect for hiking, the leaves were all changing and the colors were brilliant. We laughed and hiked and relaxed and talked. It was so refreshing! Here's just one of the many pictures my son took during the day:

Stop by The Simple Woman if you'd like to participate in the Simple Woman's Daybook.
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