September 6, 2007


As the holidays quickly approach, I've been thinking about traditions. What are some of your family's favorites? What were some of your favorite traditions as a child? I'd love to hear from you, even if you've never left a comment before. I think our family has a tradition of no traditions. The only one I can think of is an "end of the school year party" held each spring when we've finished school for the year. Sometimes we'll have a "back to school party" in the fall, but not as faithfully as the "end" party. That makes sense though. What kid wants to party when he has to hit the books after a long, relaxing summer?!

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  1. We have a family sharing time and communion with the family that last about three hours every Christmas.

    In the fall, we have the "Buckeye Bonanza", usually at a park close to home, where we all pitch in food that starts with "B" and have a contest to guess how many buckeyes Mom and Dad have collected from the buckeye tree in their back yard.

    We go to Holiday World every summer with the whole extended family.

    We always take a family vacation to somewhere like Lake Michigan every summer with the extended family.

    The kids get to pick out a birthday cake design which I make for them on their birthday.

    There's probably more, but I can't think of them right now. My mom is the best at making new traditions. She's started several with she and the kids.


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