March 14, 2008

Barrett Again & Again

I'm here alone this morning with our 6yr. old little guy. I'm frantically trying to finish a baby gift for my niece-She just had her first baby 2 days ago and I need to get the gift in the mail! In my desperation to be "left alone" so I can sew, I decided to use The Plug In Drug. Barrett is watching an "educational video" about sea otters. The narrator just explained that sometimes the sea otters come to shore to rest and soak up some sun while nearby there are 10 story ice cliffs. I'm only half-way paying attention to Barrett and the TV when suddenly something Barrett says catches my attention.
"10 story ice cliffs. That's only 10 little books. That's not very big at all!"

Then there was last weekend. We were out running some errands when we drove past a car wash. Mike and I were talking about who-knows-what when we hear a little voice from the back seat:
"24 hour car wash?! I would never take my car there to get it cleaned! It would take tooooo long. You'd be there at night too when it was dark out! I'd just drive my car through really fast and then drive away with it all wet!!"


  1. He is just so darn cute! I could eat him up with a spoon!!! :-)

  2. So cute, Judy! I'm glad you documented his cute sayings!

  3. Hey, weren't you supposed to be knitting or something????? The clock is still ticking and pretty soon that baby will be 3 days old!!! I'm glad you paused to share your son's thoughts. Kids' perspectives are so delightful...when we actually stop to listen to them. Barrett's very blessed to have a mommy who stops to listen!


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