July 15, 2008

How Do You Find A Wife?

Last week our 6 year old son made a pot holder for one of his big brothers. When he finished making the pot holder he handed it to me and asked me if I thought Benjamin (his big brother) would like it. The following conversation took place, and yes, everything our little guy said was said in all seriousness:

"Mommy, does Benjamin have a wife yet?"

"No, he lives in a house with a friend of his. I'm sure they'll both love the pot holder and will use it though."

"Well, should I make a pot holder for James?" (That's another big brother)

"Sure. James lives with another family now, but maybe they'll use it or let James use it in their kitchen."

"O.K. Um, Mommy? does James have a wife?"

"No...but he's looking for one."

"Well, how do you find a wife?! Is he walking down the street yelling for one?"

"No....not exactly..."

"Oh! Is he looking in the phone book and calling all the numbers in there?"


"Well, how do you find a wife? Is he going door to door knocking on all of them asking for a wife?!"

"No, I don't think so..."

"Well then, how do you find one?"

He finally paused long enough in his questions for me to answer him. I told him first of all you should pray for the right wife. Then you just live you life. You go where you go and do what you do and then usually there will be a girl who comes along who likes to go to the same places you do or likes to do the same things you do. You become friends and then maybe later she'll become your wife.
He looked at me doubtfully and just wandered away. Maybe he thought one of his ideas would get faster results.


  1. Yet another entertaining gem from Barrett. (He will one day be embarassed by all the documentation of his anecdotes, but...his future wife will love them!)
    My mother said, "That's why those boys are too slow. Maybe they should listen to Barett!" (and that was before she read the last paragraph where you stated the same thing.)
    God's timing is right, though. He's just working on the finishing touches of people and time, because His plan is perfect.
    I have to keep reminding myself that, and to remember to trust in God for His plans and His ways, and to know that I don't NEED a husband (or anything) to be content; all I need is Christ.
    But, if you happen to know a young man who is passionate about Christ.....and who enjoys intellectual conversations....and who actually finds classical music pleasurable....send him my way!


  2. Sometimes she was there all along. It just wasn't the right time yet. ;P

  3. I like the yelling idea. That might come in handy for a lot of things. Another thing Ben and/or James could try is the good 'ol GFC listserv. We get a lot of request for other stuff on there, why not have them ask for a wife?

  4. That IS a very good question for one too young to know! This made me smile.

  5. Ha ha Roger. I just waiting for someone who can play the accordion, and until I find her I'm just not interested.


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