October 22, 2008

Wild Times While the Parents are Gone

All I can say is, mom will never leave her poor child under the protection of a particular brother again... 

Just turn your head sideways. I have neither the time nor the inclination to figure out how to reformat it :)

Judy's Firstborn Child and Joy of Her Life

PS Welcome home mom! I love you!


  1. Hi Mom -

    This was on the trip to Brown County. I wasn't there, and was completely misled regarding the character of his guardian (your other son). In the future this corrupting character, whose name I won't mention but whose initials being with James, will not be entrusted with your baby.


  2. This is hilarious!!! It's funny how I was sitting right next to him and he had no clue I was taping him. I love Barrett!!! He makes everyone laugh so hard.


  3. All I can say is:
    1.) James must be supervised at all times.
    2.)Barrett is a riot.
    3.)I am afraid of what else Brittney has taped...am I plastered all over YouTube thanks to BBB?
    4.) Gave me a great big smile. :)


  4. Oh my word!!! That is the best thing I've ever seen!!!!

    I know who I'm dancing with at Maggie and Jared's wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll have a dancin' buddy, Ben!!!! Thanks for posting this! It makes my LIFE!!!

  5. Mical told me I had to come check this out... I had no idea that Barrett had such moves!!

  6. Barrett is a player. We all know it's true.

    I love his expression at the end. Classic.


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