May 13, 2009

Stuff I'm Stewing On

-If hair is "dead matter", why is mine so moody?

-What is my role in my grown sons' lives? Am I still a parent? A friend? What does the bible have to say about it? What do they need from me? What do they want?

-How do you remove hair spray from a door? (Don't ask, and yes, I've tried it.)

-What is a mother-in-law? What is her purpose? What can I do to be a good one?

-What is a gigi? (Growing up my mother always said, "Bundle up! You'll freeze your gigi out there!") (She said this to boys and girls alike so it's something everyone has, and that's all I'm going to say about that.)

-Why is it that the boys are suddenly starving just as I'm finishing up the kitchen every evening?

-Were the two babies we lost our daughters?

-When I was very pregnant with our first son I put my fishing license away for "safe keeping", intending to use it later that summer, after I'd had "the baby". I still haven't found it. Sometimes I wonder where it is.

-When you die, what does it feel like as your spirit leaves your body?

-Why is it that my best post ideas come when I'm in the shower, and then by the time I'm dry and dressed I've forgotten what they were?


  1. You´ve really got some earth moving questions there.
    I wonder about my first baby I lost too. Was it my son?
    Hope you get those answers someday... :)

  2. These are very deep thoughts--especially that thing about the fishing license. I'm thinking that baby is long gone. You might consider popping over to Walmart to get a new one or getting one online. Hey, you could hook up a laptop in your shower and get the fishing license at the same time? Plus, if you had any good blog ideas, you'd be set.

  3. The shower is the BEST place on earth to think deep thoughts and have ideas. You speak truth with this....also, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remember anything you think of while in the shower.

  4. 1.) Your hair is fighting the quintessential "old man/new man" battle. The old man is crucified, and yet...he likes to rear up and fight a good battle. It's the same idea--your hair is being haunted by its self-side. It's dead...and yet it's alive.

    2.) I'm not qualified to answer this one. Not a mother or a son.

    3.) Hair spray on a door? Dunno, but Goo-Gone works wonders on most things.

    4.) Once again, not qualified to give a response.(henceforth N/Q)

    5.) Gigi is the Italian term for Watusi, another nebulous phrase referring to "something you don't want to freeze".

    6.) Boys are suddenly starving jut as the kitchen is cleaned up because they burn extensive calories merely watching you bustle about the kitchen. This is the same psychological phenomenon that causes YOU to feel cold when somebody ELSE doesn't have a fleece on.

    7.) N/Q.

    8.)No clue about the fishing license. I can't spell "license" without scruching up my eyes, tilting my head sideways, and using spell check, so I'll stop right here.

    9.) N/Q, but I would imagine that it is the most glorious release...sort of like pulling out of a deep, foggy dream, into a beautiful morning with golden streaming sunlight. But I'm really N/Q here.

    10.) It is a well known scientific fact that heat makes matter move more quickly. Therefore, the heat of the shower causes your brain cells to move faster, and faster, and churn out amazing blog post ideas. However, the drying and dressing also involve a "cooling off", in which the whole fast-paced motion is stalled, the ideas stop flowing, and your can't remember if you washed your [moody] hair or not, let alone what that great post idea was.
    According to this theory, taking an ice cold shower would not produce good blogging post ideas...probably because your brain would be utterly occupied with your freezing gigi.


    I'm off to a shower. So you might see a blog post later. Ha!


  5. I'm adjusting and adapting to my changing role as a mama with an adult child. I know I will make mistakes with my first as parents always do. But I'm going to forgive myself ahead of time. Life happens, it's all good. :-)

  6. Let me know when you get #2 all worked out. I'll pay good money for a cheat sheet. :D


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