December 6, 2009

2010 Just May Be The Most Eventful, Emotional, Joyfilled, Bittersweet Year of My Life

My dh turns 50 this year. Do you realize that means I'll be married to someone who's half a century old? (I know. I'm only one year behind him. You didn't need to point that out.)

Our 3rd son will be graduating from high school (cruelly leaving me with only one tiny student in our little school and adding to my feelings of mid-life crises)

Our first born son will be graduating from college.

Oh! And we'll be adopting 2 daughters via marriage!! Our oldest son is getting married in June and our second oldest son just got engaged last night!

I think after this year most of my posts will fall under the category of "miscellaneous random thoughts of a brain on the edge...."


  1. Jan, So many changes, howbeit, good in your life. I love how you described them eventful, emotional, joyfilled and bittersweet.

    P.S. It looks as if we both will be in the role of mother-of-the-groom this year around the same time. The most advice I have heard so far is, "Just keep your mouth shut!" I laugh as I say it, but I do know there is great wisdom in that remark. But my daughter-in-law to be is being simply wonderful...attempting to include me in as much as possible. Just this morning she emailed me pictures of her wedding dress.

  2. Congratulations!! That is so exciting, 2 weddings in one year!

  3. Blessings upon blessings. :-)

  4. Very exciting stuff. You'll be a great mother-in-law! Won't it be fun to finally have daughters? ;-)


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