January 4, 2010

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Afternoon

December 27. I looked out the window and watched the snow falling thickly to the ground. The house was warm and cozy; the lights on the Christmas tree twinkled, and I thought I could hear the tree snickering: I'm not out there in that almost blizzard!
I agreed with the tree. Staying in, crafting, maybe watching a movie, snacking on Christmas cookies and watching the snow from the living room window sounded like a great way to spend the afternoon.
But, then the phone rang. Our oldest son wanted to know if we would like to go hiking. Without blinking an eye we said, "Yes!" It was only after we hung up the phone that we wondered about our sanity.
We ignored ourselves, bundled up and off we went. It turned out to be my very most favorite day of hiking ever...it was just too beautiful for words.

This picture may look romantic, but right after it was taken my husband tried to put me in a headlock so he could dump me in the snow.

Here's our oldest son with his very brave fiance'. Do you like the whopper engagement ring she picked out for him?

Our almost daughter with her almost little brother:

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and son #3. It's also a very real picture of what parenting an almost 18 year old feels and looks like...


  1. Mmm...sounds wonderful!

    So glad you could all get out and about.

    Remember the time I came with you all last year? In the freezing cold and ice? We slid around like hockey pucks up and down the ravine at Shades. Lots of fun. :)


  2. Man ... and to think I almost went with you all. I wish I didn't already have plans that day 'cause Ben invited me to come along! We'll have to go hiking in the snow again!!! :D

    And I love reading your blog. Yours is the only one I follow closely, and your blog is one of the bigger reasons why I started blogging in the first place. Thank you so much for sharing your life!

  3. Yes, absolutely. The photo of #3 and his Dad is one of my all time favorites. Not just of them- but everything about it. Glad you had a wonderful, family time.

  4. I know what you mean about 18 yr olds. Completely.

  5. Excellent pics. What a neat time. I'm afraid I wouldn't have gone because I hate being cold so much. I would have really missed out. Beautiful!


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