October 21, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things....

The Great Blue Heron, beaver, Canadian Geese, Brown Thrashers, moose, crows, and....yes, don't hate me...squirrels.
Those are some of my favorite wild creatures.

Take this little guy for instance. He kept us amused for about a week one winter, and around here, anything that amuses us for even one day during the winter is a plus.

He would come up to that feeder and plant himself in the corner, (just like that) leaning against the edge of it with one tiny paw, acting like he owned it. He'd bend over and scoop up bird seed with his other paw and then stand there, leaning, munching to his heart's content. (or should I say stomach's?)

Anyway, even now I smile when I look at him-he's just too cute.

OK. That's it for today-I hope this gives you a quick smile too. :-)

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