March 29, 2012

if i could...

If I could, I would put you into a deep, sweet, lovely sleep. In the back of your mind you would hear whatever it is you love to hear:
seagulls flying over the shore of a warm, sandy beach, or the waves of the ocean themselves as they come in...go out...come in...go out...
maybe you'd rather hear the paddle of a canoe and water splashing off it as it slices through a deep blue lake
or perhaps you'd prefer a playground where children are laughing and teasing each other as they run through the grass?
You might long for the sound of the wind caressing pine branches while they wait patiently for the moon to rise behind them
or the sounds of your mother quietly loading the dishwasher while dinner simmers on the stove.
Whatever sound it is that brings a feeling of peace and safety to your soul, that's the sound you'd hear.

I'd do the same thing for your sense of smell. Whatever it is that comforts and gives you joy-those are the smells you'd smell.
Maybe you love the smell of grass right after it's been cut or the smell of a fat little baby fresh out of a bath? Perhaps you love the smell of fish and worms and wet roads after a summer storm or the way a cornfield smells at harvest time?
You might find comfort in the smell of a good cigar or brownies right out of the oven. Whatever smell it is that gives you a feeling of contentment and calm, that's the smell you'd smell.

If I could put you into a deep, sweet, lovely sleep, (don't panic-I'd make sure you were on some sort-of life support) I'd gently lift your tired, aching heart out of your chest. I'd carry it to God and say, "Please? Would you please, please heal the deep hurts hidden here? Would you reassure this heart that You are always near? Lord, would you please give this weary heart what it needs today? Trust that You are capable or hope that You are faithful or peace that You have forgiven? Would you put your large, warm comforting hands around this heart and love it like it's never been loved before? Would you please be the tender Father this heart needs and let it know all is well because You are all it needs?"

That is my prayer for you today. Refreshment, strength to take the next step, knowing you are in the circumstance you find yourself in...I can't take your heart out of your chest literally, but I can in prayer.

My heart just lifted yours to His...

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  1. It is 3am and I am not sleeping but if I were, in tonight's deep sweet lovely sleep I would hear the wind in the pines, an owl in the distance, maybe a coyote or two, hear and smell a crackling campfire... God is gently lifting my tired aching heart and telling me he loves me... and my prayer is that God will lift yours also as you find peace, joy and love and know you are his wonderful creation. thank you Judy, this was beautiful


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