November 13, 2008

Not Again!

Well, I really need to hire an I.T. guy. Or at least a 9 year old to come over anytime I want to work on the computer.
I was trying to set up a new blog just for recipes and once again, I deleted the "About Me" from this one.
Anybody wanna write one for me? :-)

I will try and come up with something soon. This time I will print out what I say so I don't have to try and write it a 4th time!

While I'm here I have a question for any regular readers I may have. I've been thinking about changing the flavor or tone of this blog. I have some ideas I may or may not try. But I was wondering if anyone has any special requests? Anything you'd like to see this blog focus on? What have been your favorite posts? Which posts could you live without?
I have a family to feed so I better get busy-I hope you have a lovely evening!


  1. I'd really like it if you were to delve into the lives of professional bowlers and their life on the road.

    Or...just leave it the way it is.

  2. I enjoy when you include a photo. That's all I have to add. I always enjoy your blog.

  3. Frist, let me say that whatever you write will be wonderful.

    My 2 cents?
    I really like the personal posts that let me see into your day. What is Mama Judy up to this morning? What happened to her crockpot THIS time?
    I also always get a kick out of any boy stories. I have so much ammunition now for your kids that I can whip out "that time when you......" at all the right moments.
    Hehehe. :D They never get away from it!
    I just love your honesty and openess and the genuine "real" touch that graces every corner of your blog.
    I think the personal/my day/my kids/my life posts really highlight that.

    Just some thoughts.

    Write whatever comes best the most often. Whatever is the most helpful, relaxing, rewarding, stimulating, etc. is the way to go, at least the way I see it. If you blog things that bore you and make you dread posting, don't post 'em! This blog is not just for us, but for you, too. I agree with Rachel H., that "to write=to think". Blogging is a wonderful way for me to share my life with others and keep in touch with dear ones, but also to ruminate over things and come up with solutions, questions, and new perspectives. It's like meeting a really good friend for coffee while your friend has duct tape on their mouths. You get to talk the whole time! :)

    So post what pops your pistol, and we'll float with it. Never think that everything about you and your life is boring, dry, and dull, for it sure isn't! Life with Barrett could never be thus, and add in Alec and you've got constant fodder. :-)

    Oh, and Mical already wrote the "About Me" part, with her paper on you and all. :)

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
    Stay warm. :)


  4. I totally agree with Alex- the personal posts are the best! Also, it helps me to keep up on what's going on in your life since I'm so far away and all. (And embarrassing/funny stories about your offspring are always enjoyable :)

  5. Yep, yep! They're right! Posts about YOU ... what you are learning, what you are excited about, what you enjoy doing/being/thinking about, ect. ... and of course, posts about Ben, James, Alec, and Barrett ... those are my favorite! I simply adore you all ... and learning more about you is more fun than I can say!

    I love your blog! And I love you!


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