December 15, 2008

We Should've Known Right Then and There

One afternoon, when my firstborn son was four, he climbed up onto my lap for some cuddle time. He was silent for a long time and I wondered what little thoughts were floating around in his head.

Is he thinking about the dinosaur book we'd just read? Maybe he's wondering what kind of snack he'd like? I bet he's wondering where his favorite plastic pony is....

Suddenly he took a deep breath and looked at me,
"Mommy, if I would've been born god, would you have named me Benjamin David God?"


  1. Oh, Ben... :)
    Funny stuff!

    Thanks for sharing. With four boys, you must have an endless treasury of stories.
    How do you remember all these things? Did you write them down, or do you just have a recorder in your head for all the boyisms that come your way?

    Hope you are having a nice Monday!
    No Garfield moods allowed.

  2. Oh, Ben! What a hoot! He hasn't changed a bit!

    I love that man! :D

  3. ROFL! Your boys,, men, are incredibly mature. It seems those deep thinkers always were.


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