September 26, 2009

In My Dreams

I'm a keeper of bees

I'm young enough, and in good enough shape to climb Mt. Everest

I am given the same gift Paul was: 3 years alone with Jesus

I live on a rocky, windswept shore of the ocean somewhere where


I live on Prince Edward Island

In my dreams:

My husband and I are able to take a hiking trip through the English countryside, stopping at pubs and cozy little bed & breakfasts whenever the mood strikes us. We really need an extended amount of time together....

We have enough time and money to take our sons and their special-someones on a trip from here to Yellowstone and the Giant Redwood Forest

I have parents. I need them so badly

I live out in the country where I can raise a pig every year or so-this would be for eating, not a pet

I would be able to keep flowers alive outside

After my death, but before I get to heaven, Jesus takes me soaring with Him over all of creation. the earth is such an incredible place and there are so, so many places I want to see before He rolls it all up like a scroll:
Mt. Everest
Galapagos Islands
Machu Picchu
New Zealand
The Black Forest
The Swiss Alps
Banff National Park
The Great Barrier Reef
castles in Scotland
The Italian Alps

my funeral is a Celebration not a mourning. (No comments from you, my sons!)

And I dream that someday:

I'll be brave enough to write a book and attempt to have it published.

I'll live without fear and trust the Lord like He should be trusted

Our walls will be painted happy colors, and we'll have new flooring throughout

My brothers and I will be able to have a "funeral" for my dad. The three of us haven't been all together in one place since my dad died 7 years ago. I would love to laugh and cry and say goodbye to him with my brothers

We have a house with a dining room big enough for all of us to sit in, eat in and share our hearts with one another in, without being scrunched

I'll find a hair style I like

In my dreams

I have a Sam and a Turnbul marching through life alongside me

I have 2 someones at my disposal to help rearrange furniture any time the mood strikes

the scriptures speak to my heart in ways I never imagined

I'm not afraid to stand up in front of a crowd and actually speak

I live remembering that Eternity with Jesus is coming

So, how about you? What are some of your dreams? Pipe or otherwise....


  1. Dreams of owning our own house. Trips with my husband. Big things such as that. Little things like a new skillet. But I am blessed. We have a roof over our heads and food in our tummies. So while I am fat and happy lying in my bed I can dream without worrying about the big stuff. :-)

  2. Ooo! I like this post! I'll have to steal it sometime!

    This post ... and your heart.
    Thanks for sharing both with us.

    And I want to travel to New Zealand too! Maybe we can go together someday? ;)


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