September 17, 2009


My husband and I have decided that "parenting" adult children is like riding a rollercoaster. You strap yourself in and hang on for the ride, but they call the shots. You are left alone in your seat to deal with the ups and downs and sidewayses and all the emotions that go along with the ride.


  1. That last paragraph was spoken out of my heart! I know exactly what you mean. They call the shots! So true!

    I hope you don´t quit to blog. You have meaningful stuff to say and I hope you get your "mojo" back soon!

  2. :-)Enjoy your break. Write when you feel the urge. Love you!

  3. Own your blog. Don't let your blog own you.

    Hi Barrett!
    Hi Alec!
    Hi Mr. Nilsen!

  4. How true. However, being one of the children, I know this Mother and Father personally. I think it it spiritually good for them to have as much experience in the field as possible.
    You want shots? Okay.


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