April 7, 2008

17 Things About Me

I've noticed something in the blogging world. There are a lot of people who, upon reaching their 100th post, post a list of "100 Things" about themselves. When my 100th post rolled around I thought that might be something fun to do, but then never did it.
Last week I had about 744 profile views and thought that might be a good reason to post my 100 Things List.

However, I couldn't think of 100 things about me that would be interesting enough to write down in a list. As a matter of fact, it took ALL 6 of us all weekend to come up with the 17 things I am going to write.

I better stop babbling and get to the point. So, here they are:

1. I cannot make Tomato Soup from scratch.

2. I love prunes on pizza.

3. I use baking soda as a facial scrub several times a week.

4. I almost drowned in the Colorado River.

5. I want a game plan for every minute of my life-that includes my funeral plans.
(Do you see why the Lord is still dealing with me on the issue of "control"?)

6. I was 43 years old before I really started to believe the Lord had given me any strengths or gifts.

7. I took a hot air balloon ride when our first son was 1 month old. I never told my husband this, but as the balloon was lifting off, I flippantly gave our baby to my sister-in-law should the balloon crash and I not survive.

8. My kids have to put more layers of clothing on when I'm cold.

9. I had straight hair until I turned 40-it's been getting more and more curly ever since. (I shudder to think what I'll look like when I'm 70. Anybody hear the word "poodle"?)

10. I'm a good shot with a gun.

11. I am really good at putting things away for safe keeping. I'm so good at it that I often never again find what I hid to keep safe.

12. I hate talking on the phone.

13. Last year the youth group leader at our church asked our two oldest sons when the first time was that they ever heard their dad cuss. After thinking that over for a bit they both grinned. One of them had the nerve to actually tell the truth. They couldn't remember their dad having ever cussed; however, they could remember one of their other parents cussing on occasion. (I won't tell you who that was.)

14. Whenever there are tornado watches or warnings I want to deep clean the house. I'm not talking about the need to expend nervous energy during the storm. I mean I want to clean everything days before the storms ever enter the state.

15. My mom died 11 years ago. I don't miss her. I miss the idea of a mom, but I don't miss mine.

16. My brothers were 17, 15, and 12 when I was born. Our 3 older sons were 16, 14, and 10 when we had our last baby.

17. This is our oldest son Benjamin's contribution to this list. He said, (and I'm taking this as a compliment) that if I were to be dropped in the middle of nowhere with a bowie knife and a box of matches, people could come back 6 months later and I'd have a small village built. (I'm assuming that means he thinks I'm somewhat intelligent and resourceful rather than tough and he-manish, but I was afraid to ask.)


  1. Wow, that last one is quite a compliment. This is a great list, BTW. But prunes on pizza? How did you ever think to try that combination in the first place? Do you like prunes plain?

  2. I've got to say...I'm a little unnerved at how similar some of your 17 things are to the deep, dark secret side of me.

    I fully intend to do my own hair and make-up for my funeral; I don't have time to take to friends on the phone (though I do it sometimes anyway--because I love my friends that way); I've doubted my gifts and too often still do; and most tragically...well, I'm afraid to say it. ;)

  3. Wow! I just stumbled onto your blog this morning...was SO encouraged!

    I had our "surprise" 4th baby at 40 and then our precious "Shock" 5th baby at 42! I will be 46 this month and am homeschooling my crew...my house never seems clean even though I work at it daily...and there are nights when I lay in bed and worry that they will all have to work at McDonalds when they grow up!

    Thanks for your sweet encouragement!!
    Bless you!

  4. I love the list! How fun to get the "crew" together to compile it too. Did you enjoy the hot air balloon ride? Or did you worry (as I would have) the entire time?

  5. Hi everyone-
    I hope you all come back to see if I've replied to your comments....
    Sniz and Wani-I had to laugh when I read your comments. Of all the things I wrote about you noticed the prunes! :-) People put pineapple on their pizza and although the texture may be a little different, the sweet/sour thing is probably similar to that of a prune.
    Denise-I was too young and carefree back then to worry about the balloon crashing. It was just a fun, wonderful adventure to me!
    grafted branch-that is one reason I like your blog so much. I think, just from the poking around I've done there, that you and I do have a lot in common. You can't leave me hanging with that last sentence! I wish we could sit down over a meal and coffee and get to know each other....
    Sharon-your comment came at just the right time. I was, that very day, thinking about deleting this blog. I want so badly to be an encouragement to other women-the problem is that as I've visited other blogs I've come to see that I'm not very articulate nor all that interesting or funny and I have a really hard time getting the things that are in my heart out onto "paper".....I think other women do a much better job at "encouraging" than I do. Please don't think I'm having a pity-party! It's just an observation I've made.
    Anyway-I wish you and I could sit over a meal and coffee too. It seems like you and I have a lot in common as well and I'd like to get to know you better as well. If you do come back here, can I ask you how old your oldest child is?

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