April 3, 2008

Ha Ha. Veerrrry Funny

The other day, after I'd visited Big Doofus's blog, (his post from March 27th where he talks about Todd Wilson and Familyman Ministries), I thought it might be an encouragement to my husband if I put his name on the Familyman Ministries mailing list. After all, we have been doing this home schooling thing for a lot of years and I thought maybe Mike could use a "shot in the arm" now and then.
So, last night after Mike came home from work, I told him about Familyman Ministries and that I'd put his name on their mailing list.
From somewhere in the house our oldest son, (who is a business major) pipes up: "I love it!"
I turned my head to see him grinning at me.
"She's outsourced her nagging now!"


  1. Oh, so clever, Ben! And true! Hilarious!

  2. I can totally see Ben saying that!

  3. I'm just laughing and laughing right now! That's totally classic...worthy of a stand-up comic! Maybe Ben should re-think his career path!

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