April 19, 2008

Pride Goes Before A Toe

Way back in the dark ages of my mothering, there came a day when I had to take my second son to the doctor; not for illness-just a "well baby" check and vaccine update. He was two years old.
I was feeling rather nervous about the doctor's appointment. I knew from experience that well-baby checks are thorough. So, that morning I made sure everything about our little guy was perfect. I gave him a bath. I combed every hair on his sweet little head and put him in an adorable outfit. I even clipped his fingernails and made sure his teeth were brushed. Finally I put sandals on his chubby, pink little feet and we were off.
After we'd been in the examining room for a time I started to relax. Everything looked good. Our little son was sturdy and happy and healthy. The nurse gave him the needed shots and as I held him and wiped away his tears I noticed she was watching, a look of tenderness on her face.
Finally it was time to go. I picked up my purse and reached out to grab my son's hand. As I did so the nurse said with a big smile, "Well, Judy, you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work!"
My heart, (and my head) swelled with pride. I marched over to the door, my little son in front of me. As I yanked open the door to leave, James suddenly started screaming. I looked down to see that pride had blinded me. I'd used the examining room door to rip his toenail off.


  1. My nerves got the best of me at Eric's 6 week well baby visit. I painstakingly chose his outfit (a cute little two piece sweatsuit with a teddy bear playing football), bathed him, made sure he was fed, etc. As a first time Mommy I certainly didn't want to appear to be an amateur! The nurse came in, asked me to undress him. Ever confident in my abilities- I pulled the little shirt up over his head when he began to scream. I neglected to unzip it completely and left a bloody gash from his forehead to the top of his head. Needless to say, the nurse was not impressed with me. :-(

  2. I've seen a door do that before! It's icky. I'm always yellin', "Don't play near that door with bare feet!"


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