August 3, 2008

24 Years and Counting

On August 4, 1984 two kids got married. Here's their story to date:

We are from New Mexico and Chicago
meeting in the middle;
from a girl afraid of marriage
and a very patient boy.

We’re from “I am afraid to trust.”
and “I. Won’t. Leave. You.”
From "Don't trust men." and
"When your husband buys new underwear it means he's having an affair."

We are from years of pulling hard to make ends meet
and at least 2 babies waiting for us in heaven.
(Are they our daughters?)
From a girl who couldn’t cook,
furniture lovingly built by a patient man,
and whisker-roughened kisses on my not-so-whiskered cheeks.

We’re from a house full of boys, camo, dirt, sweat, and noise;
from gallons of Tide Laundry Soap,
mountains of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,
and Haines socks X 5.
We've lived through financial stresses,
a concussion, car problems,
emergency surgery, stitches, strange and numerous pets,
and 4 pregnancies.

We’re from fishing trips on hot, sweaty days,
camping trips where we thought we’d freeze to death
and hiking nearly every weekend every fall.

There are few traditions in our household
but love and laughter
still bounce around the rooms.

We are from
wrestling with daddy and hugging mom;
from a man who taught his sons to be gentle with
the only female in the house
and to treat her with respect.

We're from wondering if we've put too much into "them"
and not enough into "us".
By God's grace we've survived and our marriage has thrived.
I've had to learn how to respect him and he's learned to listen:
She doesn't always want things fixed?

We are from mistakes, bumbling along, prayer,
forgiveness, and determination.
The road has been filled with all the usual stuff:
joys, heartaches, stress, weariness, surprises, and
blessings beyond count.

Even though at times we drive each other crazy,
we're happy to be stuck with each other.

(This is my 3rd or 4th "Where I'm From" poem. See the December 10,2007 post if you're interested in trying one for yourself. For some reason I cannot remember how to "link" tonight and I'm too tired to try and figure it out.:-) )


  1. Happy Anniversary to my big brother and his beautiful bride!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    By the marvelous grace of God, I'd say that you two did something right, for the three of your sons that I have the privelege of working with are my three favorite young men. (Probably because they are the only three young men I know...ha!)
    But, in all seriousness, you have raised a wonderful crop of bondservants for Christ.
    (And they know how to treat a young lady like myself appropriately! Hallelujah!)
    Thank you from the bottom of my old-woman heart for providing some really cool chums.
    May you find many more years of beautiful bumblings together!


  3. Happy anniversary! What a great tribute to 24 years together...

  4. Happy Anniversary, Judy!!! Love the tribute to your 24 years together!

  5. Hi Mom,

    Your poem brought back so many memories, and even the hard ones made me
    smile. You know what? As I went through the list of struggles I
    couldn't think of a single time where I wondered if you and dad didn't
    love us. It was always there, like an immovable comfort. I couldn't
    think of a time where you didn't lead us in prayer to God, or a time
    when He failed to come. No matter what the two of you were there.

    For the past few days I have been reflecting on the impact that this
    had had on the life of my brothers and I. More than any other question
    that is constantly asked by the human heart I believe that "am I
    loved?" is foundational to us. In our case years of memories provide an
    immediate and firm "yes", so we need not look any further.

    The lack of an immediate answer has proved devastating to so many of my
    friends as they look to others to meet that need. Of course our primary
    (and final) answer is and must be from God, but I believe that he
    created us with the right to legitimately thrive in these secondary

    That is a good part of the reason why James and I do the incredibly
    stupid things that we do in the areas we're passionate about. See, if
    you had raised us with a bunch of insecurities we would have become the
    masseuse, violin player and chef that you always wanted ;) Instead you
    get a couple of brats with suicidal tendencies. (Actually saying"Oh
    yeah, my mom loves me and thinks I'm right" hasn't proved very
    effective in either of our cases though).

    So thank you for the incredible gift that the two of you gave us. We
    know that marriage is a lot (major emphasis) of work, but we've also
    seen the joys that come with dedication, forgiveness and unconditional
    love. We will have years of examples on Godly responses to pull from
    when dealing with situations of our own.

    Love you both,

    Your firstborn and the joy of your life.

  6. This is great, Judy! Thanks for being a wonderful example to us newlyweds. :-)


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