August 27, 2008

Little Green Drinks

I promise I'll be back soon with some "real" posts. My brain is almost up and running again.
My last post generated some fun comments between my son and one of his friends. She knows all 4 of our kids and tried to come up with what they might say to me after listening to me whine about my minor ailments:

Benjamin-bonics: It is my most fervent wish that you have reached a higher level of comfort and self-confidence in the area of personal well-being and appearance. Remember, beauty is subjective, and therefore, even if you feel as if you look unattractive, you may radiate a completely different essence.

James-bonics: Whassup, Moma? Is yo eye pickin' up what you puttin down?

Alec-bonics: Hope you're feelin' good! (maybe I should take a break off those shakes, too-just in case I might have a reaction like you.)

Barrett-bonics: Why is your eye like that, Mommy? Will it always be that way? Why isn't mine like that?

Alex hit the nail on the head with 3 of them. I wasn't so sure about the "James-bonics". So, this morning I asked him, as my one and only inner-city son, what he would say to my previous post. Here's his reply:

Momma, don’t be frontin’, them little green drinks be triflin’ and ya’ll tripping if ya’ll keeps drinkin’ them down jo throat!

Anybody care to guess what on earth that means?! (I guess I live a very sheltered life.)

Figure it out yet?

OK-here's the translation:
Mom, don’t try to make it look better than it is, those smoothies are gross and you’re crazy if you keep drinking them.

Your son.

I don't think I'd make it 5 minutes working with inner-city youth. He obviously has a calling.


  1. My favorite is Barrett's. I can hear his little voice. hehe

  2. Thanks for publishing me! Any time you want to post something off my blog when you don't have anything to write, feel free. I'll just think of it as free advertising/PR. It'll make my memoirs easier to sell later if I'm a big name on the blogging circuit.
    Make sure you give me credit if it's good material--if not, then you definitely wrote it.
    (No, Ben, I'm not degrading myself to a philosophical stance of moral relativity. Just being funny! Ha. Ha.)
    Thanks for the proper ghetto verbage, James. I hope I didn't say anything too insulting by my attempt at your dialect. :)



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