August 24, 2008

Turning Over A New Oreo

I know when I'm beat, and I'm beat. When did I write that post about Green Drinks?
A week ago?
Well, I'm going to wave the white flag. I'm going back to scones. I'm going back to Starbucks. Hello meat, cheese, frozen pizza and Oreos! I am giving up The Color Green.

I woke up last Monday morning with a cold, two weeks AFTER I started drinking the green drinks. I literally cannot remember the last time I had a cold. We've had gross, icky flu bugs hurling their way through this house and I didn't get sick, and that was when all our kids still lived here!

Not only did I catch a cold, but it's taking its nasty little time leaving too. Our two younger sons caught it and sweetly passed it on to me, then they proceeded to get well. I'm not. I'm still stuffy, dizzy, and obviously whiny.

As if that weren't enough, I've now developed a strange rash under my chin. Little red, swollen dots all over that itch like the dickens and keep spreading.

Then, this afternoon, I made my Green Goo as usual. As soon as I finished it my throat started feeling all raw and scratchy. No, I don't think that's cold related. I've already passed past that part of the cold.

Now for the icing on the cake. Or should I say the Puff on the cream? When I woke up this morning I noticed my left eye was slightly swollen. As the day has progressed it's become fatter and fatter. The sun is getting ready to set and I can hardly hold my eye open!

So, now I'm a scratchy-throated, itchy-necked, stuffed-up-nose Eyegor.

I really don't think I'll give them up. After I drank my Green Goo I perked up-I had the energy to sit here and complain.

(In all seriousness, I think I must be allergic to one of the greens. I am going to quit for a few days, hide in my little house, let my throat, eye, and neck re-group and then slowly introduce one green at a time back into my diet. Hopefully I'll be able to pinpoint the culprit.)


  1. From now on test them on my brothers first. If they're still OK after about 2 hours go ahead and drink the goo :) That's what I do at work.


  2. Some sort of violent ocular detox, perhaps? I actually got a runny nose and sore throat about two weeks after starting green smoothies, and (horror of horrors) a complete Rachel-facial breakout. Though I did have pizza today for the first time this month, I'm still stickin' with my green smoothies and *trying* to be more diligent about sugar at least! Maybe you could wear an eye patch? M might find it intriguing. Declare it pirate week! Okay, I'm done. Time for bed. *R

  3. Judy, I'm sorry! What a bummer! I wondered where you were today at church - didn't realize you had the Green Gotcha. For what it's worth the green powder is working very well for Tom and I.

  4. I'm down with the flu this week as well. *sniffle* *blow* *cough* Hope you feel better soon!

  5. OK, so now I feel bad after reading everyone's posts wishing you a speedy recovery. I thought about posting a concerned note, but in order to provide balance to this over-abundance of care and feminine responses I'll go with the Rinella half of my heritage instead and say: I could stand on my head and spit nickels that long! Quit whining!

    Ha ha, grandpa is smiling :)

    Firstborn child and joy of your life

  6. You know, Firstborn, the older you get the more Rinellaish you get.
    And that's all I'm going to say about that.

  7. Are you going to post the green goo recipe?

  8. Benjamin-Bonics: It is my most fervent wish that you have reached a higher level of comfort and self-confidence in the area of personal well-being and appearance. Remember, beauty is subjective, and thereore, even if you feel as if you look unattractive, you may radiate a completely different essence.

    James-bonics: Whassup, Moma? Is yo eye pickin' up what you puttin down?

    Willy-bonics: Hope you're feelin' good! (maybe I should take a break off those shakes, too-just in case I might have a reaction like you.)

    Barret-bonics: Why is your eye like that, Mommy? Will it always be that way? Why isn't mine like that?

    I hope you get a laugh out of my attempt to impersonate your "little men". (Hey, there's four, right? Just like Little Women....) Either you'll laugh because parts are spot on, or you'll laugh because parts are way off. :)


  9. Haha, Alex! I think you captured the essence of each one, although your impersonation of the stereotypical inner-city dweller's vernacular seems a tiny bit off. I'll let James provide the fine-tuning though, I can't even get as close as you did. Very impressive on the whole though, spot on! And how did 4 "little men" who were raised in the same house become so different yet so similar? Unity in diversity.

    Poor mom, all she wanted was a daughter to love her and instead she gets a bunch of insensitive brats. Sorry mom.

    So mom, did you post the response comment (from anonymous) to me? And is this a bad thing?


    PS I learned that both the Greek and the Latin have a word that means: "One who does not know" with relation to God. In the Greek it is Agnostic, in the Latin Ignoramus. HA! Lets see them adopt that title...


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