January 7, 2008

I Wonder.....

Why are the French called "The Frogs"?
Will our sons marry girls that like their in-laws?
How does De-Ja-Vu happen? (And how do you spell it?)
Where do our choices and God's sovereignty begin and end?
Why are most dinner plates round?
Why does every man seem at least a little sad and like the little boy never left as his body grew into adulthood?
Why don't shins have more padding on them?
Who would I be if my parents had never divorced?
Why do I have good hair days when I'm not going to see anyone?
How do you let your kids go?
Where is heaven?
When my boys are old and I'm gone, and they're sitting around discussing their childhoods, what will they say about the way I mothered them? What baggage have I piled on their shoulders?
What color should we paint our living room?
How do you "parent" adult kids?
Why did God make males and females soooooo different and then stick me in house with 5 guys?
What should I have my grandchildren call me? Grandma Judy is just awful! Maybe Granny Annie? (Ann is my middle name)
How am I more like Christ because of the things I've gone through?
Why don't my brothers, sisters-in-law, and nephews and nieces read my blog?
Where is my fishing license?
Why do I hate most words that start with "th"?
Should I just make 5 identical scrapbooks of our family? One for each boy and another one for Mike and me?
Should we start stockpiling dry goods and water?
Should Alec and I take the rest of the year off so he can play with Legos and I can scrapbook?


  1. Good questions! I wonder what baggage I'm giving my kids too. I've been doing my scrapbooking electronically, and making multiple copies...

  2. Absolutely take the rest of the year off. sounds good to me. Let's take it off together.
    I seriously think deja vu happens when you dream about something, and then years later it happens. it's not big things like getting married to a gorilla, but it's little things like somebody walking down the stairs and yelling "Hey, have you seen that new pair of socks I just bought? the purple polka dot ones?" while you're sitting on the couch watching National Treasure and eating a pear.
    Good hair days just happen when you're at home. That's OK. go by yourself in the mirror more often. Spend some time primping your reflection in the microwave/oven/glass doors/etc. Take some senior photos. (who cares if you aren't in high school. photos are fun.) "Accidentally" run out of sugar/flour/cheese and go to the store to get some more.
    shins don't have padding because then legs would be shaped like bowling pins, and that is not an attractive look. At all. Eww.
    God gave you five men to live with because he knew not many other women could handle all that testosterone. And because he knew that men would balance you out perfectly. and probably for some other reasons.
    You hate "th" words because you had a small lisp as a child. You were so young you don't remember it, but it scarred you for life. ;-)
    If you let your grandchildren call you Grannie Annie, i will probably laugh hysterically. Just so you know. How about Gigi? Jayjay? mamaw? Moms? Nana? Moomoo? i have no idea. I just call mine "Grandma". Maybe they'll come up with some super cute name when they're little and can't really talk, and then you won't have to worry about it.
    I have no idea. why do you even have a fishing license?
    Dinner plates are round because if they were square, they would be too close to the other plates in the cabinet and they would get chipped. Not that ours don't, anyway, but it's a nice thought.
    well, I think that's most of the ones I have an answer for . . . enjoy :)


  3. Jill sounds super awesome and fun! I loved all her answers. :-D I think we all worry and think too much as women. It's perfectly natural. Too bad so many take Prozac instead of surrounding themselves with good friends. Blessings!

  4. 1, Due to their green skin, the resemble frogs.
    2. Yes
    3. You did the same thing yesterday. You just don't remember.
    4. Ask someone smarter than me.
    5. They look pretty?
    6. Everyone is sad about growing up and taking on responsibility. Men are just resent it more.
    7. If they did, we'd all have cankles.
    8. Not as great of a person as you are today.
    9. This one is one of the great mysteries of all time.
    10. Die.
    11. Not here.
    12. I had a great mom. She left me this bag of scrapbooks.
    13. Green.
    14. You offer no advice unless asked for it. (At least that's what I think from my great wisdom.)
    15. Because He knew you could handle it.
    16. Judy the Great.
    17. He can tell you more than I.
    18. They like to miss out on really awesome things?
    19. In the fridge, in the back of the meat drawer under the bacon.
    20. Thick?
    21. Yes.
    22. We've been doing that for years.
    23. This is the best one of all and the answer is a resounding YES! Legos are educational you know.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone!:-)
    Ann, I'm not sure, but I think scrapbooking would be easier with a digital camera. I still live in the dark ages of film.
    Jill received my comments on her comments in an email this morning. By the way, Jill has wonderfully, graciously consented to being my adopted not-by-marriage daughter-in-law. She knows our boys very well and grew up with them. Therefore, she knows exactly what I have to put up with around here!
    Sniz-you are sweet,funny, and such an encouragement! How on earth did you know where my fishing license was?!

  6. definitely had days when I'm plagued with question after question in my mind - some important and some not so much. I'm glad I'm not the only one who "wonders" about weird stuff. I might have to do an "I wonder" post sometime.


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