January 12, 2008

It's Time For Someone Else To Take Over

I've discovered one of the reasons God gives us children. It's to keep us humble. Have you noticed that too?
Yesterday morning Barrett and I were having our usual cuddle time. He wanted to discuss "opposites".
"Mommy, the opposite of "north" is "south", right?"
"Yep. It sure is."
"And the opposite of "east" is "west", true?"
"True it is. And the opposite of "up" is "down", isn't it Barrett?"
"Yes!" He said excitedly. I could tell he was really enjoying our conversation and getting into it.
"Mom, the opposite of "in" is "out" and the opposite of "hot" is "cold", correct?"
"You're right Barrett! I'm so proud of you! You really understand opposites sweetie."
"Yes I do. The opposite of God is Jesus, isn't it Mommy." He said matter-of-factly.


  1. I remember having this same kind of thought when I was little! It isn't a good vs. evil thought. It's more like God is in "the sky" or "up" and Jesus was "on the ground" or "down". Bless his heart. He knows what he means. =)

  2. I'm laughing as I say this, because this could easily be a conversation in our own house! I suppose we could take comfort in the fact that our children speak so freely about the Lord...


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