December 12, 2007

Better Than Chocolate?

Yesterday was a bad day. I won't bore you with all the details but I will tell you this:
it involved:

  • a stalker

  • conviction from the Lord about how enamored I am with my blog and myself

  • having to go to my husband's office party and make small talk, when basically I am a shy person and have no idea what to say to those people

  • the sudden realization that Christmas is only 14 days away and I've so far only sent 5 cards and haven't even thought about what to get some people, let alone finished crafting and shopping and baking.

  • my house is NOT clean, which proves that my post on housecleaning was a sham. Now everyone knows I'm a hypocrite.
In lieu of all that, I need some comfort. So.....I'm going to give myself "The I Gave Myself This Award Award."

And I'd like to thank Big Doofus and Misssniz for sharing it with me.
(Feel free to give yourself this award if you'd like to.)


  1. For some reason, the end of your post caught me off guard. I think this may be one of your funniest ever...having a bad day? Give yourself an award! Yeah, I loved writing that poem. Like I said, I'm going to have the kids try it!

  2. Oiy! I had the same conviction when I forst started my blog, too! God is faithful, though.

    I love the award...I'll keep it in mind for my next bad day...

    Hugs to you!

  3. Aren't you going to put it on your side bar? :-)


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