December 10, 2007

Where I'm From

I am from sawdust under my dad's table-saw,
from Tang, and frozen pot pies.
I am from a quaint place called Sunnybrook Lodge:
the crick, tiny rental apartments, and wet snow falling on my hair as I wander at night.
I am from the mountains,
the pine trees,
wildflowers, and elk.
From ma's mostachioli & homemade bread,
pride and independence,
from Richters and Rinellas and 3 big brothers.
I'm from the people who have an answer for everything,
this too shall pass, and don't freeze your gee gee.
I'm from be careful how you pray, you might get what you ask for
and God helps those that help themselves.
I'm from Chicago, proud Italians
and stubborn Germans.
I'm from chocolate and gin & tonic,
a dad who liked to hunt and fish, fish and hunt,
and a mom who pushed on despite everything.
Her treasures were her children and grandchildren,
now scattered between heaven and earth. Her
family was priceless.


  1. I love, love, love this poem! I don't know how seriously you take this, but I mean it when I say you are an awesome writer!

  2. I am not a poet, I can hardly speak clearly. All I can say is- Wooooooow.

  3. Thanks Sniz, but really, if you go to the link I posted, there's no talent involved in this poem at all! It was easy peasy.
    I will say writing it touched a deep part of me that still seems to need exploring. I might even write it again, but just use different words this time.
    thank you.

  4. Thanks for the link and the idea! I wrote mine so stop by and give it a look-see.

    I agree with you about writing. The Lord was leading it to me all along but I chose to listen to the doubting voice instead. Now that I'm in obedience, I see things more clearly and feel like I am connected in a deeper way with Him. I think it has helped heal old wounds and see truth for what it is...holy.

    Be blessed today!


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