December 11, 2007

A Guest Speaker

For language today I had Alec, (our 15yr old) write the same poem I posted yesterday. Hope you enjoy it!

Where I'm From
by Alec
I am from Computers,
from Vitamin D milk & Delicious Starbucks’ hot chocolate.
I am from the small cozy home with many chairs.
I am from the Spider plants and the apple tree.
I am from Thanksgiving feasts and Sarcasm,
from Mom and Dad and four grandparents.
I am from the Spontaneous and the Weird.
From “Hang you by your toes in the apple tree” and “Wash your hands!”
I am from God is there no matter what, Even when you sin.
I am from a little town in Indiana,
from Germans, Italians, Dutch and Norwegians.
From Long Conversations and Deep Discussions,
that are not always exciting.


  1. Ilove that you had your son do the same thing! I noticed, too, no negative comments about your family. Dislikes, maybe, but no emotional baggage or spiritual hang-ups. Awesome what God can do, huh?

  2. I posted my own attempt at this, Judy, 'cause you said you wanted to know. I love the idea of having the kids do it. Alec's was great. I think I'll print this out today and have the kids try it!


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