September 14, 2011

bits of paper

(*I just wanted to warn you, this post was written while under the influence of TWO sleeping pills that have not yet worn off and no sleep despite the fact that the two pills were consumed.)

Other than my teenage son, I am the most random person I know. Actually, now that I think about it, I am a conundrum.

The "things" in my life are very organized-I try to live by the rule, a place for everything and everything in its place.

(I'm going to interrupt myself and tell you it's raining outside. The window is open a tish and there's a soft, gentle rain sounds so cozy and peaceful, especially since the temperature has dropped. An early fall day-my favorite time of year!)

Anyway-I just proved my point. Random. Back to my stuff. I don't have a junk drawer and except for one map which falls out of the closet every time we take out the vacuum, our closets are quite organized. I even have my scrapbook stuff all sorted by color!

On the other hand, you know how frustrating it is when your life is unorganized? When you need something you know you own but you just can't find it? Is it in that drawer, that box, on that shelf, or in that basket?? You get so frustrated looking for "X" that your blood pressure rises?

Well, it's my brain that's like that. If I weren't convinced God made me this way, on purpose, (I'm sure I was made for comic relief or to teach people patience) I'd be very insecure. Half the time I can't even finish a sentence without interrupting myself to tell a story within the story I was already telling, then I forget where I was and have lost my listener in the process. Where was I?

Oh! I remember now....yes, like you, I write everything down. I jot down ideas for blog posts, library books that are due and when, bible verses I want to remember, questions I'm pondering, passwords I can't afford to forget, things I need to do, goals I have, wishes I long for, ideas for a story I'm writing, directions for finding places, and books I want to buy.

The problem is, each and every one of those things is assigned its own little place in the world. I have bits of paper stuffed into my jewelry box and my sock drawer. I have a whole section of my purse set aside for them and I carry little slivers of paper in my pockets. My bible is stuffed with scraps of paper and my desk cluttered with them. (and no, I'm not exaggerating)

I have 3 notebooks set aside for all this. Three. Are they organized? No. I simply open the nearest notebook to a blank page, write down whatever was in my head, feel relieved that the thought is now on paper so I won't forget it, and walk away. It really is frustrating when I then want to find a specific thought and can't.

I'm not sure what to do about this problem. I've tried to categorize my thoughts, but nope, they won't cooperate. It just can't be done. Is there such a thing as a professional thought organizer?

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