September 19, 2011

Where I'm From (a new version)

I am from a tiny house in the middle of America-woods, corn fields, county roads, a feeling of safety and quiet nights

from 4 sons: Benjamin, James, Alec and Barrett. They love Jesus, a good challenge, laughter, hard work; they are compassionate, funny, 2 are great husbands, one a good daddy; they love each other and they love their dad and mom

I'm from a house filled with inexpensive objects; things found at garage sales, Goodwill, handmade, or handed down. Almost everything here touches my heart, tells a story, or simply brings joy

I'm from hiking on holidays, playing games as a family, merciless teasing, long talks late into the night, lots of laughter and frequently confounding the 5 men in my life

I'm from "wash your hands", "business before pleasure", "here's a chore if you're bored", "go outside if you're going to do that!"

I'm from the bible is absolute truth, God is real and very present in our lives, He will complete what He's started in you

from a tender-hearted husband-he's patient, self-sacrificing, and spoils me rotten

I'm from biscochitos, my mom's takes-all-day-to-make spaghetti sauce, homemade apple butter and a to-die-for apple pie

I'm from long grey lonely winters, renewing spring, hot humid summers, and soul filling fall

from playing with houseplants, blue jeans, wandering the woods, writing, good books, laughter and caring for my family

I'm from being a wife, a momma, a teacher and a friend to our sons; becoming a mother-in-law, a grandma and an emptying nester

from a house full of noise to wondering what's next

I am from a tiny house in the middle of America

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