January 28, 2012

nosey, nosey woman

I saw a man today, driving his truck. He had greying hair, and a bushy mustache. His face was kind. He looked solid, safe...trustable; he had a sharp, alert look in his eye.
I wanted to climb into the seat next to him and go for a ride. I wondered about him.
What had he done with his life? What stories could he tell? What memories fill his heart? Where had he lived and whom had he loved?
I wondered, what are the secret yearnings of a man who looks so intense, yet content? Did he have many regrets? What words of wisdom could he pass my way?
I wanted to sit there next to him and give him the gift of my ears and let him satisfy my curious mind.

Of course, it never occurred to me to wonder if he'd be opposed to the idea.

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