February 17, 2012

let's go walking, ok?

Sometimes I wish we could go for a walk around the world. There are just too, too many things I want to ask you and show you and tell you and explore with you; so many things I'd love to discuss. Life is too short, isn't it?

If we went walking I don't thing we would ever run out of things to talk about. I am me and you are you and between the two of us we've lived a lot of years and have had a lot of things happen to us. We've hurt people, and learned things; we have memories and broken dreams, favorite desserts, people we've loved and things we're afraid of. If we went walking around the world, we'd be stuck with each other for a very long time. We would have to talk; we might even learn to listen to the heart that's behind the words we speak.

I'd love to hear your story-the whole thing from the very first memory you have to the day you tie your sneakers on and we begin our trek. Everyone has a story. Have you ever put your life on paper? Have you ever stopped the noise and running and doing and looked back? Writing your story can be a painful, exhausting, mind clearing experience-it might show you any number of things good and bad that you've missed in all the busyness of life; things you never ever want to forget and things you need to kill and bury. Who knows? You might see God's fingerprints all over the place, or notice the times you pushed Him away. thanks, but no thanks...

We could discuss black holes and the expanding universe and why I cry every time I have a good long laugh. We could debate secular music vs. Christian, explore the bible verses that make no sense, and you could tell me what comforts you when you're sick.

Oh, and the books we've read! Perhaps we need two walks around the planet. I could talk about Sea to Sea and Tolkien's books all the way from here to Oregon. What are your favorite books, and why? What parts of you did they speak to? Did they stir your soul or bring healing to a hurt? Did they open your eyes to a new way of looking at something? What makes a book a favorite for you?

Speaking of books, have you ever noticed this bible verse? Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written. John 21:25

My youngest son and I read that verse 2 days ago. We had a long discussion about it. Just think about it. Jesus was only physically on the planet for 33 years. That is a lot of giving and serving and loving and praying....a lot of living. My little guy read that verse and stopped. His eyes looked like dinner plates as he stared off into space, imagining that many books, trying to eliminate all the chairs, beds, tables and toys to make room for that many books, and then his smile...it was a sweet, vulnerable, baffled smile; an awestruck smile.

That would be the best part of our walk-discussing books-the Book that was written, the books about Him that weren't, and the book I think you should write. The one about you...how do you think it will end?

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