February 23, 2012

reading and stirring

If I weren't a wife and mother, I think I'd be florist and own a huge greenhouse. If I weren't a florist, I'd go climb Mt. Everest and if I survived that, (which is highly unlikely) I'd just wander the planet seeing what's out there to be seen. If I didn't do that, I'd buy a library and a soft, cozy sleeping bag and a large pillow. I'd find a lovely little corner in my library, curl up in my bag and read my days away. (Of course, that would get boring after a few days, but it's something fun to think about doing on a cold, wet rainy day like today.)

I think I'd have to say there are two novels that I've gone back to again and again and again, and I would put up a fight to surrender them even now, after reading them more times than I can remember.

Have you ever read Sea to Sea by James Alexander Thom? It is a powerful book-breathtaking, soul stirring...I fell in love with history when I read that book and gained a whole new appreciation for people who sacrificed almost everything for our country.

The other book that moves my soul, and my spirit, is actually 4 books. Yes, you guessed it. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I'm mind boggled when I ask people if they've read those books and they shrug. "Yeah. I've read them. Have you ever read....?" and they move on, as if Tolkien had written a comic strip. Did you know those books have strings attached to them? And those strings have found a way to wrap themselves in and under, over and around and through my heart....they speak to me in ways no other book but the bible has. I wish I could put into words what Lord of the Rings is....there is wisdom about living, sacrifice, dying to self, trusting the Lord through everything, keeping on keeping on when you're weary, the beauty of deep and true friendship....

Nope. I just can't explain it any better than that.

Do you remember my post from a few days ago about walking and books? What are your favorite books? Do you have any that stir your soul? Any you'd put up a fight to keep?

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