February 5, 2012

a thought for you to think about

I've often wondered about something. I sure don't feel like a spring chicken anymore physically. Why do I still feel so young and jaunty inside but my body is starting to feel the years?

A few years ago I was listening to two women on the radio; they were discussing the aging process, midlife, grand parenting, etc. etc. when one of them brought up the whole idea of being energetic and vibrant inside while her body was busy doing its own thing and growing old.

The other woman replied, "That is because there is no aging going on inside. We are eternal beings meant to live forever. Our bodies feel the ticking of the clock but our spirits and souls know no time."

No wonder I sometimes feel like I'm at war with myself and frustrated beyond words. My heart wants to go out and conquer the world but my body wants to curl up on the couch and take a nap.

I think this is one of those bittersweet things...encouraging, discouraging, exciting and disappointing. It's like being trapped on a slowly sinking ship in the beautiful Caribbean. The difference is, once the ship sinks there's something even more lovely than the Caribbean waiting for me....

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