February 18, 2008

2 Thank You Notes

Do you like the new header for this blog?! "Big Doofus" volunteered to help me and I love what he did! I wanted something bright and happy and colorful but just couldn't manage it on my own. Thank you soooooo much B.D.! I may now be tempted to live at this desk until spring just staring at my blog. I've been experiencing severe "color deprivation disorder" here in Indiana. Gray trees. Gray grass. Gray skies. Gray roads. It's wonderful to see something so colorful!

I also wanted to thank my husband for a few things. He spent Super Bowl weekend rearranging our furniture. A couple times! And that includes the waltz he did around the perimeter of our living room with a 75 gallon aquarium. "No....it doesn't look good there. Try it over there on that wall.....no...still not quite right....how about over there?" (I'm not sure who looked the worse for wear, Mike or the fish.)
My husband also brought home a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me on Valentine's Day! More color!!
Then yesterday Mike spent the day building a corner desk to put in our bedroom. Know what that's for? Scrapbooking!! I will have my very own spot to create in.
Thanks so much you guys! You are both appreciated and I feel spoiled rotten. :-)


  1. The guy who did the layout sounds smart, but the guy dragging around an aquarium needs help!

  2. I love being able to "work" while I sit on my butt. Glad you like the new header.

  3. I do love the new header. It makes me happy everytime I check your blog. Truly happy! I really believe life is a much better place when you give of yourself for another person's quality of life. Whether it be making a scrapbook desk, or rearranging furniture, or creating a joyful layout- it creates a domino effect and we all reap the rewards. WTG BD and Mike. You rock!

  4. I think the new header is great! Its much more cheery and is nice especially right now when we're all getting tired of winter and wishing for spring!


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