February 28, 2008


Once upon a time there was a tiny girl. She loved to run barefoot through the grass and let mud squish between her toes.
When she was a little older she moved to the mountains of SUNNY Colorado. There she roamed the mountains in hiking boots.
On her wedding day she wore little white ballet slippers. (Not Nikes. She wasn't planning on running away from her groom.)
For her first Christmas as a newly married woman she wanted to surprise her husband. She bought a little black dress and some black heels. They were going to Denver to see the Nutcracker and she wanted to look mature. Instead, she looked like the person she really was. A young bride, used to wearing hiking boots, wobbling down the sidewalk hoping she wouldn't fall off one of her high heels and sprain an ankle.
Over time the Lord blessed this girl with 4 boisterous boys. Black heels? Not on your life. Sneakers became her shoe of choice. Sneakers and blue jeans. Practical. Comfortable.
Finally, those boys grew up. They wanted to bless their parents and give them a night to remember. They all pitched in and bought their mother and father tickets to the symphony!
Now the girl-grown-up had a problem. What to wear. Could she....would she dare.....the temptation was great. She wanted to wear her sneakers and blue jeans. Reason won out and she once again decided to don a dress. A friend had given her a beautiful, black, flowing skirt. So, a little black sweater and another pair of black heels were purchased.
Saturday night this girl-turned-middle-aged mother will once again try and impress her husband. Her sneakers will be tucked away in the closet. With black shoes on her feet, she'll wobble down the sidewalk, hoping she won't fall off one of her high heels and sprain an ankle.


  1. You know, you could always practice a bit before you go ;-)

  2. You'll do great, I'm sure. Have a wonderful time!

  3. Aww, have fun! I never used to wear heels, so when I finally got a pair I did practice at home before I went out. :)

  4. I'm with the practicing! My great grandmother used to vacuum and wash dishes in heels, just so she would never forget what it was like to feel "like a kid again." We buried her in high heels...

  5. Let me know and I'll show you how to walk in heels. Wait a minute. Did I just post this online?

  6. Finally! Someone willing to actually SHOW me how to walk in heels! Thanks B.D.
    By the way, do you like Control Top Hose with your heels?

  7. I remember you talking to me about this...about how you didn't even have a dress? Have you gone already or is it this weekend and are you looking forward to it...(i.e. was it a good gift?) and how high are the heels and where'd you get the skirt? Tell me all on Sunday, K? Hey, are you going to the craft night tonight at Leah's? I'll be there!

  8. Aw, how life comes full circle...made me teary!

  9. I'd pretty much given up heels and just started wearing them again. Good luck. You'll be fine.


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