February 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

Home schoolers can be compared to the underground church in the former Soviet Union. There, even as the nation was listening to the Communists shout, "There is no God!" the old grandmothers would whisper into the ears of their grandchildren: "Remember, we are believers. There is a God and we believe in Him!" Like those old Russian grandmothers, we home school moms are building a counter-culture beneath the rotting structure of today's American Society. Our faithfulness is creating a sound structure that, by the grace of God, will last even after the rotting outer shell of our culture has crumbled away. We are not "abandoning ship", rather, we are building a lifeboat.

Paul Weyrich & Vicki Farris


  1. I've heard this before. Such a neat quote.

  2. I've heard it before too. Made a big impact on me when I was homeschooling and got dirty looks or comments. I knew what I was doing was far more important than what society was telling me.

  3. Hi Judy! This is a wonderful quote! I hope that I can be a homeschooling mom some day and that I too will be able to build a "lifeboat" to counter the horrors that I see affecting our culture.

    p.s. It was neat to have you at lunch with all of us on Sunday--I know that we all enjoy your company and don't worry about "cramping our style"...we most definitely are always that boring :)

  4. Thats so great. We've been talking about homeschooling ourselves since it won't be long before Nate is ready for it. I'm thankful I've got other homeschoolers around that I can look to for help/advice when the time comes.


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