August 2, 2011

11 Things I Will Never Forget

1. Crawling in bed with my parents when I was little and laying my head on my daddy's chest. I could hear the steady rhythm of his heart beating and feel the warmth of him being there, alive and protecting me.

2. Finding a huge, dead, petrified toad in the corner of our closet behind my shoes. Thanks guys.

3. The day my husband burglarized something for me.

4. The last words my dad ever spoke to me.

5. The way our sons treated me on their wedding days.

6. The first time my husband kissed me.

7. Seeing my husband take an antique weed whacker to lop off a chicken's head, thus freeing our sons to play outside again without fear. :-)

8. Discovering I can be gut wrenchingly honest with God and He still loves me.

9. My 3rd son's incredible, amazing, whacky sense of humor. Sometimes he makes me laugh until I can hardly stand up.

10. Coffee dates with my best friend.

11. The moment our 4th son was born. He was born at home in a kiddie swimming pool in the middle of our livingroom. Quite the experience!

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