August 15, 2011


Outside my window...the moon was bright and busy through the night, but now, when I get up, it's gone to bed.

I am thinking...about sin. Sometimes my heart feels like a mouth full of rotten teeth. God no sooner fixes one ugly spot and then I'm off and running, wrestling over something else. I make myself weary.

I am thankful...for yesterday. I was finally, finally able to hike a rough trail and 3 miles to boot! (back surgery a year ago and I'm still recovering. Don't say it-I think the same thing every day. "Still" recovering? A year?! Yes, but at least I can still see improvement every week)

From the learning lone little student gets the day off today.

In the kitchen...I'm thinking that I should be able to start baking our bread again soon. It's hurt too much to knead the dough all this time, but if I can hike, surely I can knead?!

I am wearing...shorts and a baggy red t-shirt that once belonged to one of my sons. It's a bittersweet thing to actually be smaller than they are....

I am creating...lists. Things to blog about, Christmas gifts to buy, things I need to do. I love lists!

I am spend the day with a friend helping her pack. She's moving to Florida soon.

I am wondering...what to do with 4 days to myself?! My husband is going fishing for two days and I'm going to try and farm out our 2 sons so I can be here at home, alone. Then I'm also planning on taking two days to myself at a state park soon. So excited!

I am reading...I just started a book called Shadow Divers. It's a true story about 2 scuba divers who discover a sunken German U boat off the coast of New Jersey. I don't like the way the author writes that much, but the story is intriguing enough that I can ignore that.

I am lose 2 more pounds. 3 down!

I am looking forward to...fall baking and twinkle lights, candles, and soups and stews. I don't like what comes after fall, but I do love the cozy days of cooler weather.

I am hearing...crickets, cicadas, and some strange animal that sounds like a howler monkey. Maybe I should close the window!

Around the house...just the usual, a few toys, books, a floor that needs mopping. Nothing interesting going on there.

One of my favorite things...visiting with friends, new and old.

A few plans for the rest of the week: giving the house a good cleaning, school, who knows? Something always seems to come up.

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