August 26, 2011

I love:

-listening to the dishwasher as it swishes away grunge. That sound tells me my kitchen is cozy clean, everyone is home, safe where they belong, and my life is organized. (That's hardly ever the case, but those are the feelings I get when I hear a dishwasher.)

-prunes on my pizza

-walking in chilly, violent weather. Bring on the wind, hail and rain! It's so much more interesting and challenging than walking on a bright, sunny day.

-hanging up on telemarketers. I love answering the phone, hearing that annoying, nasally voice say, "Yes, ummm, may I please speak to....". I wait until they're finished, then I reply in the sweetest, softest voice I have, "No. I'm so sorry. You can't." Click.

-that my 3rd son still wants a hug every night before he goes to bed. (Please don't EVER tell him I told you that. He'd never hug me again!)

-romantic songs....

-the times when I slow down and actually connect with God. When I stop babbling at Him and actually listen to Him...

-debating and bantering. Certain people I know would tell you I love to argue and always have to be right, even when I don't have a clue what I'm talking about. Don't listen to them. They know nothing.

-the forgiveness of my family and friends. There are times when I'm sure I've really blown it this time and then I'm forgiven and we move on.

-listening to people. At least most people. You've heard the saying, "Everyone has a story"? I love hearing their stories.

-the smell of baked pine needles on a hot summer day

-organizing. When I was little the hangers in my closet had to be exactly 2 fingers apart. I'm not that compulsive now, but I still like it when stuff has a place to call home.

-that first, sweet, shy kiss when boy gets girl in a movie. Those kisses...oh baby....:-)

listening to thunder echo down a mountain canyon. That sound sends shivers down my spine and makes me feel small.

-reading really good books. Sometimes I can't allow myself to even start a book because once I do, I'm there. The house doesn't get cleaned, meals are cooked, school gets left by the wayside and my kids wander the neighborhood, lost, looking for me.

how about you? what are some of the things you love?

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  1. what happened to todays blog. Could have swore there was one this morning that is not there now...


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