August 5, 2011

Plan B

So, I hate to be morbid and all, but I have been thinking about death a lot lately for some reason. My own a bit, but mostly my husband's. Please don't take me wrong-it's not that I'm counting the days until I'm free of him; it's because we have 101 years of living between the two of us. According to a BBC News article, the chances of a boy living to 100 are 18.1%. On the other hand, the article goes on to say that by the time you get to 90 you've gone past a lot of the things that usually kill you. You know, things like wives....
But, just in case I do happen to outlive him, I've decided to come up with a Plan B for the end of my days. I'll just have to trust I have the wisdom to pick the best one when the time comes.

1. I can move in with one of my sons and practice the fine art of minding my own business

2. I could buy a small, happy, shiny red tug boat and live on Lake Michigan. (Don't want the ocean. I can hardly navigate my way through a round-about, let alone the Pacific)

3. I just may move to a small town in Wyoming and become a waitress in a truck stop

4. I'll buy a small condo on the coast of Maine, find a cozy little bookstore that needs me, and wallow in ocean breezes and romance novels

5. Or, I could move to Key West. I'll let my hair grow and get dread locks, listen to reggae continually, wear funky dresses and birkenstocks and enjoy the company of my son and his family when they pop down there every other year.

6. I may go to Alaska. I used to dream of homesteading there...wonder if that's still legal?

7. Another thought would be to buy a little motorcycle and go putz my life away in Europe. I could find a tiny apartment above a coffee shop and make all kinds of caffeinated friends to keep me company

The question is, how to pick just one? Which one fits me the best? I suppose I could do what we did when I was in labor with our first baby. We couldn't decide on a name so here's what we did: we each picked 3 names and wrote them down on pieces of paper. We put those papers in a bowl and then we each drew one paper out. We stuck them together and voila! Yep, I think that's what I'll do......

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